Launching in April 2021:
The Marketing After Hours Podcast

A audio email experience hosted via a podcast for service-based businesses who want to get more clients using organic marketing.

Instead of reading emails, why not listen to them on your favourite podcast app?

Introducing The Marketing After Hours Podcast

Learn how to use organic (free) marketing to get more sales and revenue without missing emails or having a flooded inbox

As a busy business owner, you are probably using more audio platforms such as Clubhouse, Podcasts and Audible to learn the information you need.

This audio experience is designed to meet you where you consume your content so instead of watching hours of content on social media or reading a mass of emails in your inbox, you will receive weekly podcast episode where you can consume no matter what you are doing.

All you have to do is enter your email below and the podcast will be uploaded to the native podcast app on your phone.

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£100k's + of revenue made

We have helped businesses gain more revenue through price increases, up-sells, cross-sells, affiliates and referrals.

1000's of sales completed

We have shown business owners how to sell more online methods with items: ranging from free to £5000+

Dozens of happy businesses

We have adapted our services for startups, corporations, small businesses and entrepreneurs.

You may be thinking...

What is a private podcast?

It is exactly the same as a normal podcast but the only difference is that access is linked to your email address. Once you enter your email, the podcast will be saved to your favourite podcast app.

How does it work?

After you enter your email, you will see a page asking you choose your favourite podcast app which will then download the podcast onto your feed. Then you listen as normal.

Why don't you make the podcast public?

With the rise of audio consumption and the fall of email open rates, we want to create a better way to learn information that would be in a weekly email. This private podcast is the answer and allows it to be more tailor made to the listeners.

What do you do with my email after I sign up?

We treat your email address exactly the same as a email subscriber which means we will comply with GDPR and we will never rent, sell or give your email out to any party without consent.

Where can I listen to your podcast?

Apple Podcasts, Beyond Pod, Breaker, Castbox, Castro, Copy RSS feed, Downcast, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Podcast Addict and Podkicker. We are not on Spotify or Google Podcast at the moment.

I would like to have a private podcast for myself.

Amazing! Please email to learn more and I have a special offer if you decide to use the service. This podcast is created through Hello Audio.

Still not sure what you will get from it? Read some reviews from other business owners who have consumed our content:

“You’re doing an amazing job with the marketing.  Just went through your content and I’ve learnt so much from you and have begun applying the changes”.

Reiss Kelly 

“This is amazing – you worded it all in ways I’ve not even thought about properly 😂 🙌🏻”. 

Elz the Witch 

“Wow.  I never would have thought of that! This is so helpful for my business!”

Cocobean Giftbox 

“I must say, your strategy of breaking down marketing plans was so intriguing and had my attention the entire time which is hard”. 

Donnell Morris 

“Your content is probably one the most informative marketing pages I’ve come across“

Sumru Styles 

“This is really helpful“

Miss Belle  

“That explanation was clear and easy to follow! I never really knew what a funnel was before”.

Access My Beauty 

“Wow Elizabeth this is such valuable help, thank you”. 

Mari Joël 

“Just wanted to say, you gave an excellent suggestion. You explained it so very well!”

Gail Lesikar 

“You give such good advice- I’ve shared this with my network”. 

ReeCapelli Hairstylist 

“This is is so helpful for my business! I’ve started to make some changes and I see improvement!”

CV Interact 

“You are my go-to when learning about digital marketing.”

Joy Kalombo 

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